A Great Investment Opportunity: 091 Mall Peshawar

The real estate market has seen a phenomenal rise in the past year with a growth rate of 3.2 percent in the Asia Pacific region. Much of this growth has been attributed to the commitment of private investors who have remained steadfast in their approach to building and planning real estate ventures. AH Group of Companies, a conglomerate that provides construction, marketing, and investment services, has been at the forefront of successful development in this industry. One of their projects, 091 Mall, is meant to supersede all ordinary expectations and offer an unparalleled center of entertainment along with also providing office spaces. 

Situated in the heart of KPK, Peshawar, 091 Mall’s location makes it an investment opportunity that cannot be overlooked. Peshawar is KP’s capital city and also its commercial hub. People across the province, and even outside it, visit the city for both its rich history and modernistic present. 

091 Mall Peshawar

Built with a uniquely modern design, 091 Mall has ten floors that are devoted to premium centers of shopping, lavishly spacious office spaces, and excellent entertainment facilities. To make the one-of-a-kind 091 Mall experience functionally robust, it is equipped with the latest technological equipment, which has been installed throughout the premises. 

091 Mall is propelled by the sound leadership of AH Group of Companies, a powerhouse in the real estate industry. AH Group is working on projects across the region, including Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad. You can find more information on these projects at this link. To acquaint yourself with the holistic and specific aspects of 091 Mall, proceed to read this blog. 

Unique Aspects of 091 Mall

One of the most unique aspects of 091 Mall is its prime location, nearby all the major commercial activities. In many ways, 091 Mall does sit at the hub of Peshawar’s lively and exciting avenue of commerce and trade. Main University Road, which is a highly convenient meeting point for various major localities such as Peshawar University, Islamia College, Usmania Restaurant, and many other popular places, makes 091 Mall an easy trip to plan, and enjoy a veritable roof to the top local and international brands and restaurants. 

There are far too many features that make 091 Mall stand out. One being a rooftop restaurant overlooking a momentous view of the location’s terrain. Whether you are a solo traveler or accompanied by your friends and family, the rooftop restaurant is an excellent destination to feel the comfortable accessibility offered by the Mall. 

With a total of 10 floors, along with a three-storied basement, the Mall has been designed to cater to a wide demographic, offering state-of-the-art amenities. It features a spa, departmental store, gold souk, food court, fitness center, and fashion floor. Furthermore, it also has business floors with modern offices. With its immaculate design, 091 Mall also offers energy efficiency by being powered with solar panels. It is also customized with an HVAC system to keep the Mall’s operations running smoothly. It is an understatement to say that 091 Mall is home to a premium commercial and shopping experience. 

Pricing Plan

The pricing plan for 091 Mall is customized according to the type of property and its allocated floor. Here’s a detailed price plan per square foot for each floor. The price per square foot on the ground floor is PKR 90,950, and this floor is reserved for fashion. On the first floor, the price per square foot is PKR 85,600; it is also a fashion floor. The price per square foot on the second floor is PKR 80,250, which is appropriately set aside from a mixed commercial category. The third floor, dedicated to a Gold Souk, is priced at PKR 69, 550 per square foot. Property on the fourth floor costs around PKR 58, 850 per square foot and is reserved for the category ‘spa and cosmetics’. The cost per square foot on the fifth floor is PKR 74, 900, which is reserved for the food court. Finally, floors 6,7,8 are office spaces and the price per square foot is set at PKR 32, 100 for each of these floors. 

Why Is 091 A Great Investment? 

Apart from its prime location and modern amenities, 091 Mall promises to be the future of a stylistic center of entertainment. Led and being built by AH Group of Companies, 091 Mall brings to the table the perfect blend of attractive features and robust functionality. This means you can relish the comfort of securitized aspects such as biometric verification, backup power supply, and solar-powered energy with a living freedom that comes with a gold souk and a fitness center. 


In conclusion, 091 Mall is a premium destination for your shopping and commercial needs. Its design exudes architectural excellence, and it is fast becoming the host to the finest shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Missing out on a chance to invest in 091 Mall would be an opportunity you’ll regret. 

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