Why we need more women in the construction industry

When you think of construction, what comes to your mind? It’s no secret that the construction industry is massively male dominant.

A little while back, it was unusual to find women working in this sector or leading a team on a construction project. The discrimination that blocks women from opting and staying in the field is one of the reasons why women’s career in this sector has always remained low for decades.

However now, women in construction are challenging the status quo and changing the face of construction as more female-driven intuition, intelligence, and dedication help add value in the workplace.

According to International Labor Organization, a survey of different stakeholders of the construction industry, road contractors, architects, and building designers was conducted in 2015 in Pakistan. The results showed less participation of women in this field due to socio-economic & cultural/religious constraints, discrimination, harassment, and lack of equal opportunities. 

While women only make up about 10% of the construction workforce worldwide, more women are opting to join the industry as project managers, architects, marketing executives, Human Resource, receptionists, content writers, and sales manager every year however the number of women actively working on construction sites is still smaller.

Women should join the construction sector because there will be more leadership opportunities for women, hence more contribution in a fresh perspective, more room for growth, will receive the feeling of achievement and erupt a passion for building. Also, construction will offer women the satisfaction of building something for the community as per their needs. It is a fact that buildings are designed with men in mind as there are hardly any separate praying areas or common rooms built, women will work on it.

Other than that we need to change the longstanding perception that onsite construction requires extensive physical labor while the women are pretty much willing to work in this sector.

A lot of work needs to be done for maximum women’s participation and it can be increased by introducing technical & vocational training programs, encourage women to become role models for other women, highlight the importance and value of construction jobs for women in colleges.

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