Tax collection to reach Rs5.8 trillion in 2022: Tarin

Tax collection to reach Rs5.8 trillion in 2022: Tarin

The Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tarin termed sustainability and inclusive economic growth as the key to a strong and vibrant Pakistan.

A webinar titled “Budget 2020: Balancing Stability and Growth” was organized by the Institute of Policy Reforms where the minister addressed the audience stating that “Priority of the government is to expand the country’s exports by adopting a consolidated policy through giving incentives to the productive sectors. These include textiles, agriculture, industries & manufacturing, and information technology sectors.”

He stated that the already adopted government’s course of action has boosted revenues beyond the Rs4 trillion benchmark till now, which he termed as an achievement, hoping to raise it to around Rs5.8 trillion during the next fiscal year.

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