Significant Decrease: 30% Fewer Animals Sacrificed This Eid ul Adha Than Last Year

fewer animals sacrificed this Eid ul adha than last year - ahgroup-pk

The Pakistan Tanners Association has released data on the recent Eid al-Adha celebrations, revealing a decline in sacrificial animals compared to the previous year. According to their report, 6.36 million animals were sacrificed, including 2 million goats, 3.5 million sheep, 800,000 cows, and 60,000 camels.

This decrease, ranging from 28 to 30 percent, highlights the economic challenges faced by citizens. The Pakistan Tanners Association expresses concerns over potential spoilage of 35 percent of animal hides due to factors like heat and load shedding, impacting their quality and value.

The financial implications are significant, with the estimated value of the sacrificed animals amounting to an astounding Rs. 376 billion. The act of sacrificing animals during Eid al-Adha holds deep cultural and religious significance across Pakistan, observed throughout the festival’s three days.

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