How to celebrate Eidul Fitr 2021 at home during Covid19 crisis

How to celebrate Eidul Fitr 2021 at home during Covid19 crisis

Pakistanis have already begun the festivities however, this time just like the last year would be different. We have lived a year through the Covid19 pandemic and a lot of us are aware of what should be done to protect ourselves and our families from Coronavirus and to spend Eid in fun.

Getting together, Apart

Eidul Fitr is going to be celebrated in homes which kind of goes against the spirit of this festival. Doesn’t it?

The travel restrictions, lockdown, and preventive measures, social distancing rules will surely make the three days of Eid difficult to stick to. But worry not because we are creative folks and we know exactly what to do.

Get Artsy, Prepare goody bags and send them 

On YouTube or Pinterest, learn how to make a goody bag out of the things available at home. This Eid, let the kids do your work, engage them and make your own Eid goody bags. Take a sheet of paper, wrapping paper, or cloth, a ribbon, glue & scissors, fold and create a box. This is an excellent way to add even more thought to your Eid gift. Pinterest has everything.

Call everyone instead of messaging

Every year after Eid prayers, you greet Eid by texting all your friends, family members, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances blowing up their phones while this year make a little change, call each one of them. Make them feel special because this year had been really difficult due to Covid19.

Cupcakes and Chocolate Bombs-Go Cooking

You must be bored of the usual Eid dishes on your plate, well then light up and sweeten your Eid with new dessert recipes. Curate a list of Arab, Turkish and Lebanese desserts like Kunaffa, Umm Ali, Basbousa, baklava, Dondurma, Jazarieh, Namoura, et cetera. You can google all the recipes.

Host a virtual gathering by scheduling video meetings

The crucial message this Eid is for people to stay at home. This time due to covid19, meeting the relatives is not safe, instead, they can celebrate by video calling them.

Try Henna and saloon services at home

With Salons closed this year and a lot to do with the skin, hair, and hands, you can host a virtual henna party on Zoom or try YouTube for makeup tutorials. Decorate hands and do makeup together.

Enjoy a little splurge

You are not going anywhere so why not shop online and treat yourself? There are a plethora of online outlets that offer home delivery.  So relax and enjoy!

Decorate your house and make it Eid-proof

How would your family know it is a blessed festival? It will be possible only if you add lustre to your drab outlook of the house. Eid-themed decorations are a thing now, easily available everywhere. If not, you can make banners and flags yourself.

Do a Photoshop at home

Be your own photographer __ the key to taking good pictures is to understand light. Take candid pictures of your family members and truly capture the essence of Eid.

Don’t forget to pay Zakat al Fitr                                                                            

And last but not least…. Have FUN!

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