Turkey interested in joint ventures in shipbuilding industry

Turkey interested in joint ventures in shipbuilding industry

Turkey has expressed willingness in exploring joint-venture opportunities in Pakistan’s shipbuilding industry and maritime businesses. A detailed presentation was discussed during a virtual meeting between the ambassador of Turkey Hsan Mustafa Yurdakul and Pakistani businessmen. They shed light on the business and investment opportunities in the food, beverages, medical equipment, and construction sector. Directors and members of over 135 Pakistani and Turkish companies representing food, beverages, construction, medical equipment, and their technologies attended the session. The president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Nasser Hyatt Maggo marked the need for harmonization of standards in order to reduce the trade through a third country. He further stated that the strategic economic framework will be a road map for strengthening economic cooperation for the enhancement of bilateral relations in trade, tourism, healthcare, hospitality, industry, education, and other sectors. The chairperson of Turkey-Pakistan Business Council Ahmet Cengiz Özdemir picked out the need for the development of trade, collaboration in the transportation corridor, and diversification of relations in different sectors. 

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