Safe Investment Options in 2023

Investment of any kind is an endeavor that must be approached cautiously. However, being too hesitant often prevents one from actually investing in anything. Far too often, we become acquainted with stories that either present a rags to riches picture or one where people lose everything. 

The truth is both scenarios appeal dangerously close to our inherently wishful mindset. Yet, both aren’t entirely unrealistic. The entire rise of the crypto craze rests solely on the miraculous wealth early investors of bitcoin accumulated. They won big, leaving most of us cursing our luck. 

But, it is somewhat relieving to realize that healthier investments aren’t always a matter of winning the lottery. Sometimes, as a matter of fact, it is simply about preserving one innate sense of risk aversion. Fraudulent investment schemes have become widespread. Recently, a systemic fraudulent filing scheme was unearthed, sending shockwaves across the nation. Far too often, we fail to identify criminal activity that supersedes most of our checks and balances in place. 

With that said, it isn’t always grim and cloudy in the landscape of investment options. Government bonds, real estate schemes offered by conglomerates, and stable stocks are pretty stable and decent options to avail healthy returns.

1. Government Investment Schemes

Most people are hesitant to consider investment schemes offered by the federal government. While it is true government investment options do not provide extremely high returns, it is important to note that most federal government schemes offer an opportunity to earn at a very low capital payment. For instance, you can invest in treasury bonds with an initial budget as low as 100 rupees, which offers a yield of 13. 257 %. Government bonds also present opportunities to win cash prizes that go up to thousands of rupees. 

Furthermore, the government of Pakistan also offers short-term savings certificates ranging from a minimum investment of Rs. 10,000 up to Rs. 10,000,000. The rate of return offered at 11.40% for a year-long deposit. For a three-month investment, the rate of return is offered at 11.28 % and consequently for six months the rate of return is offered at 11. 34 %.

2. Safe Stock Options

The stock market may not always offer great returns due to market volatility but there is a way to ensure stable profits through investing in company stocks. Most people may remain diligently determined against stock market options; yet their pessimism at the entire project is somewhat unfounded. Choosing companies that have a history of stable returns counts as a key strategy to get your money’s worth. Furthermore, well established companies also weather the storm of economic recessions. 

3. Real Estate 

Although we mentioned earlier that real estate filing schemes have become a popular looting opportunity, it is relatively easy to verify most of the promising real estate projects. Construction projects such as Mall of Arabia, Amazon Outlet Mall, Imarat Residences, and Florence Galleria are great examples of prominent investment options. Furthermore, AH Group of Companies also has a number of projects that not only offer short term returns but also are great investments in the long-run.

There are a few reasons why real estate investments are a great way to maximize returns on your investment. Most notably, since real estate responds positively to inflationary pressures, it is very likely that during an economic downturn, the value of your property will rise. Moreover, the volatility of real estate investment is relatively lower compared to stocks.


To conclude, it is imperative to note that choosing the right investment in terms of safety and immediate benefit is a decision that must be carefully considered. Leaning on the prospect of safe returns, government backed investment schemes are the best option. 

However, if one’s investment ambition entails a long-term project, real estate is a highly recommendable choice. The value of property is likely to rise over time considering its relationship with economic prosperity at large. Furthermore, diversification is another positive aspect of real estate investment.

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