70 freight wagons arriving to Karachi from China

A Pakistan Railways Spokesperson has claimed that an addition of one hundred and thirty wagons will enter the railways’ fleet by the end of March. A promising development to this end will occur today as 70 freight wagons are set to arrive from China to Karachi. Pakistan Railways has made a serious effort to improve services to not only their passenger transport but also to their carriage of commercial goods. 

Furthermore, under the transfer of technology agreement, it is planned that six hundred and twenty wagons will be manufactured in Pakistan as well. Manufacturing domestically will bring in employment opportunities and also improve the nation’s balance of trade. 

Pakistan’s economic situation is in dire need of revival. These recent developments of exporting and building freight wagons is expected to bring in an additional revenue of 1.5 billion rupees for Pakistan Railways according to their spokesman. Moreover, newer freights will also run at a higher speed and carry more weight, helping the public transportation sector increase its revenue and the country’s trade network. 

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