66 Billion Flood Recovery Package Issued to Balochistan from Gov

Pakistan’s geographical landscape has witnessed some devastating natural disasters. The 2022 floods have had a similar impact. Affecting 33 million people, this natural disaster continues to persist. UN centre satellite imagery reveals 8 million people still remain stranded because of the damage caused by the floods. 

A humanitarian crisis of this magnitude will take time to recover. The Federal Government has planned the recovery process using a Rs. 88 billion loan from the World Bank. The province of Balochistan has received 75 % of the total 88 billion, netting to an amount of Rs. 66 billion. 

Balochistan is the largest regional area and the least developed. The National Program for Post Flood-Reconstruction: Climate Resilience Enhancement Program launched by the Government has allocated most of the financial assistance to Balochistan. This program will focus on four major components: community development, housing, ecosystem, and policy reform. 

Out of the Rs. 33 bn budget allocated to community development, 26. 4 bn will be given to Balochistan. Balochistan will also receive Rs 17.6 bn from the 22 bn reserved for housing reconstruction, and Rs. 17.6 bn out of the 22 bn budget for ecosystem development. These financial packages will be received by the Government of Balochistan as grants in Aid. 

The underlying vision behind the Government’s National Program for Post Flood Reconstruction is developing sustainable infrastructure. Climate concerns are a worldwide phenomenon. However, mitigation policies make all the difference, especially for developing nations.

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